New PacBSD ISO Avaliable

Posted on 2016-07-21
After more than a year of hard work a new ISO and USB image of PacBSD, rebrand of ArchBSD, is available for download and testing.

2 Factor Authentication with SSH

Posted on 2016-07-07
With security becoming more and more of an ongoing issue,things like 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) is becoming more common so why not use it for SSH as well.

Accessing my personal API

Posted on 2015-02-08
As a software developer I love working with APIs, so I figured why not make an API that describes me?

Personal highlights from Drupalcamp Asheville 2014

Posted on 2014-08-29
Last weekend I attended Drupal Camp Asheville, and gave a, surprisingly, successful talk on Git presentation. While at first I thought doing a talk on Git would do well nothing could prepare me for the reaction that I got.

Using multi-domain certificates with Nginx

Posted on 2014-04-20
After moving my site behind HTTPS, something I have been meaning to do for a while now, I decided to use a multi-domain certificate. Here is what I learned throughout the process.

Launch of GDG Gigcity, and cool shirts for Go!

Posted on 2013-11-01
I am pleased to announce the official launch of the Google Developer Group for the Chattanooga Tennessee area!

Blog rewrite

Posted on 2013-09-03
Some time after re-launching my website, which was a complete rewrite from Perl to Go, and now the blog piece is getting the same treatment.